The Singing Bird Sangha

The Singing Bird Sangha

A welcoming community of Nichiren Shu Buddhists in the South of England.

Please join us to learn about the Buddha's teachings on happiness, wisdom and compassion, and his advice on how to be happy, at peace, and of value to society.

Founded: 2016

Led by: Kanse Capon Hosshi


We are a community of Buddhists following the Nichiren Shū tradition. We follow the teachings of the Eternal Śākyamuni Buddha as set forth in the Lotus Sūtra and the teachings of our founder Nichiren Shōnin. Our main practice is chanting the Odaimoku (Sacred Title) of the Lotus Sutra, “Namu Myoho Renge Kyo.”

By practising and studying the Buddha's teachings we aim to develop wisdom and compassion, be happy, at peace, and of value to society.

Our practice

The Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, was a man was born in India, 2,600 years ago. At the age of 29, having been educated and trained as a prince, Siddhartha left his family on a quest. He observed the unsatisfactory qualities of life and sought a solution to them. He recognised that many people suffer dissatisfaction unnecessarily due to their misunderstandings of the nature of reality. After years of practice, he achieved enlightenment to the truth, and having attained his awakening, he taught people how to be free of their unnecessary suffering and unhappiness.

​People naturally look for happiness, peace and fulfilment throughout their lives. In today's world we try to find happiness in a variety of ways - by having a successful career, by having a family, by exercising and focusing on fitness, by keeping ourselves busy by having hobbies, by socialising, and many other ways. On their own, though, these things do not necessarily guarantee we will have lasting happiness or contentment. 

​Through practice, compassion and wisdom are the two qualities which Buddhists aim to cultivate, and they are pursued in order to help make other people’s lives better as well as help us live our own lives happily. Buddhism is a way of life to develop ourselves so that our actions more closely correspond to those ideals which the majority of the world shares.

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