The Singing Bird Sangha


December 2015

A collection of Tsukamoto Shonin's writings is now available from Amazon. A simple yet profound insight into our daily lives.

Having been in Farnham, Surrey, for just under a year, we  relocated to East London/Essex in April 2017. Now that we're on a tube line into London we hope to be able to connect with more people via the capital.

Please get in touch using the contact from for details if you would like to find out more about events and classes. We regularly practice Shakyo Calligraphy, Shodaigyo Meditation and Nichiren Shu-style service as well as holding study classes.

We moved...again!

Our mission is to promote compassion and harmony in the south of England and throughout the UK based on Buddhism, and in particular, the teachings of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Shonin.

Lotus Sutra Chapter 2 - English Chanting

February 2016

Kanse Hosshi visited Renkoji Temple in Italy, which is near Milan.

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Our Mission

June 2016 - Relocation!

We have relocated from London to Farnham in Surrey. We have a small but peaceful place where we can practice and study, with our very own library of Buddhist books.